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An easy way to add the Smelly Goodness you love to your diapers and clothing, without worrying about rinsing issues! As Lil' Outlaws Detergent rinses clean, you may be finding yourself missing the Smelly Goodness after your items have been through the dryer. No worries, just toss in a saddlebag (as you would a dryer sheet) to scent your laundry and diapers without residue!

To extend the life of your saddlebag, I recommend adding it only toward the end of your dryer cycle and keeping it in a sealed bag/container between uses.
Pail Pardner - 32oz
Pail Pardner - 32oz

Pail Pardner is a multi-purpose deodorizing powder - great for diaper pails, wetbags, trash cans, and more!

To use, simply sprinkle in your diaper pail after adding a diaper. Keep odors at bay, while adding a fresh scent of your choice. Unlike most “air fresheners”, Pail Pardner does not make it smell like you’re covering up bad odors. It simply eliminates the bad, then adds the good!

Can also be sprinkled in a wetbag for going out, in the bottom of your trashbags, on your carpet before vacuuming, or on your mattresses during sheet changes! I also use it in my car before vacuuming out all of the kid crumbs :)

Now comes in large 2lb size! That's 32oz for the price of 16!
Diaper Safe Laundry Detergent
Diaper Safe Laundry Detergent

A wonderful detergent that is safe for cloth diapers of all kinds, but also great on your regular household laundry! Contains up to 70 loads in a toploader, or up to 140 in HE/frontloading machines.

Specially formulated to be safe for cloth diapers (all types), this detergent contains no soap, no borax, no bleach, and no enzymes. It's effective, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive little booties!

It also works great for your normal laundry as well - no need to buy separate detergents for clothing and diapers!

Toploaders: Use 1-2TBS per load, depending on soil level
Frontloaders: Use half as much (1/2 - 1TBS per load).

Amount used can be adjusted to your preference. No soap = no buildup, so no worries if you use a little too much!