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Detergent Instructions: I recommend stripping your diapers before your first use. My preferred method is boiling water and 2-4TBS of Lil' Outlaws, though you can use Dawn, bleach or any other method you choose. I personally set the washer to the largest load, hottest water, longest initial soak (mine is 30mins). Let it fill, then add a pot or two of BOILING water from the stove. Add detergent. Swish around and then add your diapers. Let it do it's soak cycle, then the rest of the cycle. After it stops, run a regular cycle (hot water) with 2TBS of Lil' Outlaws. That's it! Dry them and you're good to go! For subsequent washes; Dump or shake solids from your diapers. Add to your pail until wash day. Add Pail Pardner to keep diaper pail stinkies at bay! On wash day, start your wash water, add 2TBS of Lil' Outlaws (adjust amount to preference... HE/FLers use half as much...Soft water can use even less!) and add diapers and wash/dry as usual! 

Pail Pardner Instructions: Simply shake or spoon a small amount into your diaper pail, hanging pail, or wetbag after adding a diaper! It doesn't get much easier than that. I use a Parmesan shaker I got at Dollar Tree, but you can also use empty spice containers, baby powder shakers, or a canning jar with holes poked in the lid! Some customers just keep it in a Tupperware and spoon some in. :)

Rump Solution Instructions: Simply add one or more stars (depending on your preference) to one or more cups of warm water (depending on how strong you like your solution). Stir to dissolve! Itís that easy :) Then just apply to your wipes in your favorite manner - I dunk mine, wring them out, and place them in a wipes warmer or travel case. You can also put the solution in a spray bottle or peri bottle to wet wipes as you use them, or pour it over the pile of wipes in the tub or warmer. 

Rump Rub Instructions: Use a thin layer for bums and chapped skin. For tougher, drier areas (like knees and elbows) use a little more. Reapply as needed. Contains no nut products, lanolin, lavender, or tea tree oil.

Saddlebags Instructions: Toss in the dryer for lasting Smelly Goodness. For extended life of your Saddlebag, I recommend adding toward the end of your dryer cycle and storing it in an airtight bag/container between uses.