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I've got "the stinkies"! Will your detergent help? 
Probably! Have you tried other detergents with no luck? Then this may be just the one for you! To begin, thoroughly strip your diapers (for detailed instructions see "Product Instructions"). Wash as normal and enjoy the resulting Smelly Goodness!

Will the fragrance oils cause problems with my diapers? 
Absolutely not! The amount of fragrance used in each batch is minimal and will not cause repelling or buildup with normal use. 

Is it safe for my diapers? 
100% YES! It was formulated JUST for cloth diapers. When nothing else worked for Jacklen, she resorted to making her own. Lil' Outlaws is the end result of many, many, many trials and tests. It's safe for everything from flats and pre-folds, to AIOs, to pockets, to even the most expensive and luxurious fitted diapers. 

Will it void the warranty on my name brand diapers? 
Check your diaper labels or manufacturer websites. In most cases, no - the manufacturers usually simply state that you should not use detergents with bleach, whiteners, optical brighteners, fabric softeners, or enzymes. Lil' Outlaws contains NONE of these, and therefore will not ruin elastic, snaps, aplix, and PUL. 


Can I use it on other laundry? Towels, sheets, dirty toddler and husband clothes?? 
Of course you can! We use it on everything, as do many of our customers - we find that it's much simpler than keeping multiple detergents on hand, especially when it works on clothes better than most store-bought brands! Besides, who doesn't want a lil Smelly Goodness of their own?!?

Does your detergent work in REALLY hard water? 
While there are possible exceptions, my detergent has a great track record with hard water. When this detergent was formulated, Jacklen, the founder of Lil' Outlaws, lived in a 108 year old farmhouse with a well that was equally as ancient. The water was so hard that you could almost chew it! Every faucet, sink, tub, and even the washing machine drum were all red/orange with rust and covered with gritty residue. YUCK! And this was WITH a Culligan salt softener. She kept on tweaking the formula until it worked on HER diapers before starting initial customer testing. So you can rest assured that it has stood up to some amazingly hard water and come through with flying colors! 

My baby has really sensitive skin. What do you recommend? 
I recommend unscented or extra light scenting if you know your little one has SUPER sensitive skin. However, Lil' Outlaws has been extensively tested on the most sensitive skinned bums we could find with NO issues on a single one of them - including Jacklen's son and my (Cynthia's) daughter, who both are prone to bleeding rashes when irritated in the diaper region! 

Are you planning to eventually carry _________ ? 
It's quite possible! The best place to keep up with what's in the works, or to make suggestions for new products or fragrances is my Lil' Outlaws Facebook Fan Page.

Do you offer wholesale discounts for retailers? 
Unfortunately, NO I do not, but it's not because I don't want to! It's because I already sell directly to customers at the wholesale rate! This is the best value and price anywhere around because I think customers deserve the best products available, at prices they can afford! I sell at the least expensive price I can, to ensure that everyone who wants to try Lil' Outlaws, CAN. If you are a retailer interested in carrying our products, we can certainly work to make arrangements. Send me an email. I'm happy to help!