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I hand wash my babies diaps. I could not get the smell of dirty diapers out of my diapers until i got my first order! My diaps now smell wonderful and are clean! - Amber, TX

Outlaws diaper safe laundry soap is not only our soap choice for our cloth diapers but is also our soap choice for all our laundry! Everything gets so clean but i dont feel like it leaves a residue or anything. We never have stink issues or anything! Outlaws has totally done it on this one! I will recommend it to everyone! - Carissa, WA

This detergent works better than any other cloth diaper detergent we have tried.  I highly recommend this product to everyone! - Krystal, WI

I've tried RG, CC, SC, and all the other WAHM detergents - so I was leary of trying your's when NONE of those worked. If anything, my dipes smelled WORSE than with storebought F&C detergents. :( When I emailed you, you promised that your's was "nothing like their's" and I was skeptical. Then you offered a money back guarantee! Well, I'm a sucker for risk-free things, so I decided to give it a shot. You were SO right. Lil' Outlaws detergent worked like a charm! It took my stinkies away, it didn't irritate my baby's bum like RG did, didn't leave buildup like SC did, and got them CLEAN which CC didn't. It's like you took the best off all of "their" detergents and none of the bad.. how did you make such a perfect product for me!? THANK YOU a million times over - now I don't have to give up cloth diapering! - Dee, TX

I have YET to receive a lil outlaws product that I was not 100% satisfied with.  Who would have thought some one would want to hang their head into a washing machine full of agitating DIRTY diapers???  - Stephanie, LA

The BEST feature of this detergent...No, it's not the scent...even though the scents are amazing!  It's the fact that it doesn't contain soap.  That means NO extra rinsing and far less striping.  The first month I used this detergent, my electric bill dropped $10...even with the AC running constantly! - Kimberly, PA

Lil outlaws diaper detergent is so awesome.  I was having serious stink issues and I stopped using my other and started this and not only did it get out the stink  but it made it smell super yummy!!  I love it and I reccomend it to my friends even the ones who don't use cloth diapers. - Charity, KS

I had been using Charlie's Soap for a few months when I decided to try this (since everyone in CWCB raves about it!). I LOVE IT! I won't be ordering Charlie's anymore!! - Nicole, NJ

The ONLY thing that works! I had been using many different types of detergent looking for one that wouldn't leave giant welts and red marks on my daughters uber sensitive skin! When I started to use Outlaws it was amazing that it didn't leave my daughters skin nasty and red! Our diapers also looked cleaner and smelt great! - Amanda, RI

This detergent works wonders with our hard water! Our diapers come out smelly clean and fresh, and so do my hubbys greasy work clothes! - Alecia, MA

This is the best detergent I have found for my diapers by FAR. When I run out  you can definitely tell a difference in the smell and cleanliness of them. Will be a repeat customer til my son is out of dipes. - Laura, IL

I LOVE LOVE LOVE lil outlaws detergent it is the ONLY thing that makes our diapers smell clean! - Megan, VA

This is the best detergent ever. I have very hard water, and regular free and clear detergent was still causing build-up on my diapers and making them stinky! It was so frustrating, I would wash, rinse, rinse, rinse, you get the point. With lil' outlaws I have no stink problems and only rinse twice! This makes lil' outlaws a timesaver for me....and that is priceless!
Not to mention the customer service is TOP-NOTCH!!! - Rayna, TN

I'm so pleased with this detergent!  After using a different 'diaper safe' detergent (a sample), I had to run the diapers through again because they were still stinky.  We have hard water so getting things deep-down clean can be rough.  I used my wonderful smelling Lil' Outlaws and they came out smelling nothing but clean!  I just feel better about using this stuff!  Thank you!!!! - Mandy, TX

I absolutely love this detergent. The scent lingers on the diapers and it keeps them soft and it works fantastic. I use it on my clothes too! - Shanna, KY

I love it!!! leaves my diapers fresh. clean and i don't have to strip anymore ! - Maggie, CA

The LAST detergent I'll EVER buy. When I used commercial, store bought detergents, I was stripping the residue off of my diapers once a month.  I've been using lil' outlaws for 5 months now and my diapers are clean and fresh every time!  I even use it for the rest of our laundry since my kids all have sensitive skin. - Samantha, CA

This detergent is WELL worth the money. Just compare the prices with what you would by in-store. It doesn't leave build-up on my cloth diapers which is a big deal. The scents are also great. - Marcell, ME

I posted an ISO for detergent once.. I said "WAHM detergent that ACTUALLY works?!? Not Rockin' Green, it didn't work at all. Not Simply Clean (we don't want soap), not Lil' Outlaws (I believe it's just like RG so I don't want to waste money on the same problems).. can anybody help me find something that really works? I'm so tired of the stink and buildup!"
I was informed quickly that Lil' Outlaws isn't like RG, actually. It's not like ANY other WAHM or "green" detergent. The difference between all of them is.. THIS ONE actually does what it says! And it's more affordable than most of the others too. Even if it was the spendiest detergent out there, it's worth every penny!
I can't believe I didn't want to give it a shot.. I am so happy somebody informed me of my error! - Jay, FL

I got a sample of Rump Rub from Lil Outlaws and was amazed by it.  It smells so good and is so easy to use.  Just a small amount really goes a long way.  I recommend this product for both treating diaper rash and preventing it.  Great product! - Krystal, WI

We live in Colorado and the air here makes sensitive skin scaly leathery dry and itchy. I had used 3 tubes of baby cream on my sons skin trying to get make his skin smoother. I accidentally got some rump rub on his leg so I just rubbed it in the next morning there was a patch of normal skin on his leg! So after bath time that very evening I slathered it all over his whole body and over night his dragon skin was gone! Now every one in the house uses it to keep the dry Colorado weather from hurting our skin! We love it! - Elizabeth, CO

My daughter has very sensitive skin, and this [rump] rub does not irritate her skin at all. - Rayna, TN

Got this product for my son who was having terrible problems... diaper rashes that made him bleed... rump rub was the ONLY thing that worked and it took less than 24 hours to see a difference... I recommend this product to all my new mommy friends! - Noel, FL

My 15 month old daughter got a pretty bad burn on her leg. She immediately turned red and bubbled in a blister from the burn.  i ran to get some burn cream and put it on there... 3 days of putting it on there and NOTHING it looked worse than better every day. So I said screw the burn cream and looked around for something else. HOORAY i spot the rumb rub ...natural.... works on all rashes, even the burn looking ones... heck yeah i'm giving it a try!  1st night of rump rub was AWESOME! it looked 20 times better in the morning. We rumb rubbed all day and then again that night and OMG EVEN BETTER the next day! So I continued and it's 90% better now in just a few short days of rumb rub. I'M AMAZED! LOVE IT!
Thank You Jacklen for another MIRACLE AMAZINGLY AWESOME PRODUCT! You truely rock! - Carissa, WA

I have found so many purposes for this stuff. Recently I put a little dab on a mosquito bite and it helped take away the itch and redness, it was awesome! - Laura, IL

We love our rump rub! Helps keep my sons bottom from getting red at night. Clears up a diaper rash almost instantly and the best part - I can use it with cloth diapers! =) Thanks lil outlaws! - Megan, VA

My son suffers from eczema on the diaper area, he would get all red and bumpy. I tried a few creams but it will help only so much and he is cloth diaper so fining a cloth diaper safe cream was hard. Then  i tried rump rub and he no longer gets eczema rashes, he is no longer red and he is a much happier baby. Thanks liloutlaws. - Maggie, CA

My little one's bum is scented with butterscotch from the detergent, chocolate cupcakes from the diaper bag, monkey farts from the rump rub, and now orange dreamsicle from the wipe stars!!!
He tushie smells like a candy store! Jacklen your products rock! - Niki, CA

They [Rump Solution] have a refreshing scent and keeps my baby's bottom smooth and doesn't irritate it! I absolutely love these for my cloth wipes! - Shanna, KY

I love these little stars. So easy to make up a tub of wipes or put in a spray bottle for on the go. My babies butt smells so good thanks to you! - Laura, IL

LOOOOOVE getting your boxes! they are soo fullll! of love and yummy smells! - Jennel, OR