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Texas Ranger Rump Solution
Texas Ranger Rump Solution

The ORIGINAL Rump Solution! An easy-to-use cloth wipes solution, all packed into a convenient little star! Contains: Approximately 48 pieces per order

Simply add one or more stars (to your preference) to one or more cups of warm water (depending on how strong you like your solution). Stir to dissolve!
It’s that easy :)

Then just apply to your wipes in your favorite manner - I dunk mine, wring them out, and place them in a wipes warmer or travel case. You can also put the solution in a spray bottle or peri bottle to wet wipes as you use them, or pour it over the pile of wipes in the tub or warmer.

Any way you choose to use it, Rump Solution is excellent for messy bums (and hands, and faces, and…well, pretty much the whole package)! Great for sensitive skin, too!
Rump Rub Stick
Rump Rub Stick

This amazing, all natural rash balm is great for even the most sensitive bums. Also great for chapped cheeks, "knitter's hands", scrapes and boo-boos, heat rash, eczema, dry skin (including knees and elbows!), itchy pregnant bellies, and more!

Use a thin layer for bums and chapped skin. For tougher, drier areas (like knees and elbows) use a little more. Reapply as needed. Contains no nut products, lanolin, or essential oils (unless requested).

Comes in a twist up stick, perfect for applying without getting any on your hands or under your fingernails (a personal pet peeve of mine)!

When used in thin layers, as directed, Rump Rub is safe for cloth diapers! If you feel the need to use a thick layer, please use a liner to protect your diapers, as I can't guarantee a build-up won't occur with heavy use.